Local Commuting

For your everyday local commuting from home to town, station, pubs, clubs restaurant ,school or any location you can rely on Alpha Taxi services. All our taxis run on low cost fares set by council


Airport Transfer

We provide airport transfers, with luxury vehicles with ample of spaces for luggages. We can provide you all types of vehicle depending on your need. We can offer different price ranges based on the number of passengers. We are one of the cheapest airport taxis in Port Talbot. We are committed to provide you with a high quality service and best possible competitive price.


Accounts for Businesses

We understand that, some of our customers would prefer to be billed and pay monthly. So we have a option for Accounts that can be paid by Cheque, Debit card, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. We will invoice you on the 1st day of each month for all services that have been provided over the last month